The Guide to National Sustainability Award Schemes

Date of the report

September 2015

Author of the report


Purpose of the report

Gaining recognition for sustainability can be rewarding for all businesses, organisations, and projects. There are many out there in the West Midlands and nationally across the UK it’s just finding them. The purpose of this guide is to help organisations in the West Midlands to identify and target national sustainability award schemes that will showcase their good practice. SWM will then help the West Midlands award winners write up and promote a good practice case study. We will also report back at our annual conference, on our website and through our communications their good practice and local contribution to the West Midlands Roadmap 2020 priority actions. The following report highlights the methodology used and lists all the current award schemes available that fit into our criteria. Each award offers further information about eligibility, the application process, and how frequently awards are given.

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The Guide to National Sustainability Award Schemes

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