The National Adaptation Programme: Making the country resilient to a changing climate

Date of the report

July 2013

Author of the report


Purpose of the report

The National Adaptation Programme (NAP) sets out how government, businesses, communities and civil society are taking steps to prepare for and adapt to climate change. Defra has worked with businesses, local councils and community groups to develop the National Adaptation Programme which focuses on the categories outlined in the Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) which are:

  • Built environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthy and resilient communities
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Natural environment
  • Business
  • Local Government

  Action outlined in the NAP is divided into the following categories:

  • Raising awareness of the need for climate change adaptation
  • Increasing resilience to current climate extremes
  • Taking timely action for long-lead time measures
  • Addressing major evidence gaps


Relevance to the region

The NAP builds on the work of the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) which indicates that the West Midlands is likely to be affected by both flooding and water shortages in the near future. How we respond to and deal with these risks can be taken from the NAP, with implications relevant to the region.

What SWM liked

This report recognises the growing need for climate change adaptation in society. The risks associated with extreme weather are unpredictable, but unless prepared for can be disastrous on multiple levels.  SWM like that the report looks not only at the risks brought about by a changing climate, but also the opportunity as businesses looking to adapt have a competitive advantage.


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