Weathering the Storm – saving and making money in a changing climate

Date of the report

Updated and published in October 2011

Authors of the report

Sustainability West Midlands and the Environment Agency with support from the members of the former West Midlands Climate change adaptation partnership including; Defra, UKCIP, Government Office West Midlands, Business Link and Advantage West Midlands.

Purpose of the report

This guide has been produced for small and medium businesses (SMEs) in the West Midlands. It will help you to understand how you could be affected by weather, including extreme events, and how you can improve your chances of a quick recovery. The guide also sets out business opportunities from responding to a changing climate, and provides useful tools and contact information.

Relevance to the region

This guide is very relevant to the West Midlands as it is specifically designed to help West Midlands businesses cope with the effects of a changing climate. The guide includes case studies and practical measures to help businesses implement measures to save business money in the long term.

What SWM liked

SWM likes that the report has been updated with new contact information and links to support for businesses that includes practical tools for businesses to assess how prepared they currently are and what measures they should take next using the UKCIP tools of the BACLIAT and the CLARA (pg 18 and 19).

Links and contact information

For more information, please visit the Climate adaptation project page.


Weathering the storm – saving and making money in a changing climate (pdf)

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