WM Green Communities Network Launch

Date of presentations

23 September 2014


Luke Olly (Chair of WMGCN, Northfield Ecocentre) Mike Kinghan (Vice-chair of WMGCN, Southern Staffordshire Community Energy) Sam Cox (Groundwork UK) Alan Carr (SWM) Kate Ashworth (Encraft)

Purpose of the presentations

This event marked the launch of the brand new West Midlands Green Communities Network (WMGCN).  The aim of the launch was to bring together those community groups from across the region to give them a chance to network, listen to a series of presentations on different topics and be able to influence the theme of future WMGCN workshops.  The presentations from the aforementioned speakers included topics such as community energy, resilience and improving green spaces, as well as a funding opportunity that community groups can utilise.  The workshop allowed delegates to choose from six pre-defined themes in terms of what two topics they would like the network to focus on over the coming year.  This included community energy, resilience, local food, transport, green space and technical support.

Links and Contact Information

For more information contact enquiries@swm.org.uk or call 0121 237 5890.


To view and/or obtain a copy of the presentations and resources from this event, please contact enquiries@swm.org.uk.

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