Stoke & Staffordshire LEP

Stoke & Staffordshire Growth Hub

The Growth Hub acts as the focal point for businesses that wish to grow by referring them to co-ordinated and cohesive growth programmes, business networks, growth groups and links to specialist information, advice and services.

Groundwork West Midlands Sustainable Business Services

Groundwork West Midlands deliver a wide range of environmental, health and safety support and training services to businesses across the West Midlands Region. They support an extensive range of clients from the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Staffordshire Business & Environment Network (sben)

sben was launched in 1992 as a membership organisation to support organisations to achieve long term sustainability and maximise their business opportunities through innovative environmental activity. sben helps raise business awareness through seminars and enhance skills and knowledge through environmental training and counselling. It also provides practical advice on developing and implementing environmental policies as well as promoting examples of good environmental practice.


Grants and support are available to Stoke & Staffordshire SMEs on a broad range of sustainability issues. We’ve listed just a few of these below:

LCBEP – Low Carbon Business Evolution Programme: LCBEP helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency. Eligible businesses can receive a free specialist low carbon review around energy efficiency and a Low Carbon Enterprise Grant of between £2,000 – £20,000 (up to 60% of your net costs covered) for the installation of energy efficient measures in buildings and processes which will reduce carbon.

SEND – Smart Energy Network Demonstrator: A key element of Keele University’s SEND project is a collaborative research and development (RD&I) product development programme on industry-led university research and they are looking for ambitious businesses who want to develop their products or services or to develop new markets. You can benefit from a paid-for specialist Graduate Researcher for up to three years, an opportunity to undertake a substantive collaborative project with a research organisation, support from one or more specialist academics, funding towards your Graduate Researcher’s equipment and/or software and access to Open Innovation and networking events. 217 SMEs also have the opportunity to access 12-hours of fully-funded consultancy from environmental, engineering and innovation consultants.

Smarter Choices has been government funded to bring together and test the latest financing and monitoring technologies into a single online platform to provide straightforward building energy-saving solutions. To develop this new service, SMEs with energy bills above £20,000 per year can now access a limited number of free energy assessments and free measurement & verification equipment for pilot projects which proceed to installation.