Building a Resilient Environment – Sector Tools and Resources

Date of the resource

March 2014

Author of the resource

Climate UK

Purpose of the resource

Climate UK (in partnership with the Environment Agency’s Climate Ready service) has launched a new suite of adaptation to climate change training materials aimed at local authority officers, elected members and communities involved in the Town and Country Planning process. The new resources cover six principal topics:

  1. Statutory drivers for adaptation
  2. Making the business case for adaptation
  3. Green Infrastructure as an adaptation response
  4. How developments and buildings can be adapted
  5. Neighbourhood planning
  6. Achieving resilience through Planning policy

The resources comprise PowerPoint Presentation slide packs with detailed speaker’s notes that can be downloaded and used to provide local presentations and training in your organisation or community. You are welcome to use these sets in their original form (the pdf versions), or amend as needed to suit your audience, add your own branding, include local examples, etc. (the ppt versions) as long as you acknowledge the source (Climate UK and EA’s Climate Ready). Set 5 on Neighbourhood Planning has an additional User Guide sheet to explain how to use it and how you may need to amend it to suit a non-technical community audience, who may be involved in a formal neighbourhood planning process – though some of the principles can still be applied even if this isn’t the case. Climate UK will aim to keep the resources up to date in terms of policy development and will re-issue the slide packs periodically. If you have any feedback or comments please contact us at

What SWM liked

These slides provide very simple to follow guidelines for planners on the importance of integrating adaptation into the planning process.  We like them also because they cover a broad range of topics and are easily digestible.


All of the packs are available on the Climate UK website.

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