Climate Change and Social Justice: An Evidence Review

Date of the report

February 2014

Author of the report

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Purpose of the report

How do the impacts of climate change in the UK – such as flooding and heatwaves – affect social justice in the UK, and how far is it considered in policy and practice responses? The social justice implications of climate change in the UK are not well understood. This review draws together current research and thinking in this emerging field to support the development of socially just responses to climate change. The study:

  • explores the theory and rationale for climate justice;
  • considers the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on UK populations and the policy and practice of adaptation to those impacts;
  • examines aspects of UK policy to mitigate climate change by bringing down carbon emissions, identifying where the costs and benefits of these policies fall;
  • considers the implications of the social justice perspective for policy and practice.

What SWM liked

This report offers an eye-opening way of interpreting vulnerability as a result of the impacts of climate change.  It looks at metrics of vulnerability that have not necessarily been considered before and allows the opportunity for policy makers and practitioners to consider these alternative metrics into informing adaptation responses.  As such, we particularly like this report because it fills a gap in knowledge in terms of climate vulnerability.

Links and contact information

full report and a summary are available to download.  Click here to visit the JRF website and for further information. For more information, contact

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