Floods Happen… Be Prepared!

Lead Organisation

Civil Contingencies Unit Staffordshire County Council


The ‘Floods Happen… Be Prepared’ project took place at 3 schools across Burton and Tamworth: Paget School, Burton, Rawlett School, Tamworth and Landau Forte Academy Amington in Tamworth between May and July 2018, engaging a total of 440 students. The aims of the project were as follows:

  • Increase community awareness about the residual flood risk in Burton and Tamworth
  • Build community resilience to reduce the impact from flood risk
  • Ensure young people are aware of their local flood risk and ways to prepare for this
  • Increase the number of people that sign up to flood warnings in Burton and Tamworth
  • Encourage young people to disseminate this information to their communities.

Results and achievements

  • Before the session, just 30% of the students involved knew how to check their flood risk, by the end of the session this was 96%
  • 88% of students are now aware of what a ‘grab bag’ is and how to prepare one.
  • 87% of pupils said that they would now be able to produce a flood/emergency plan for their household.
  • 88% of students were able to name at least three ways in which they could prepare themselves for a flood event.

These events were so successful they are to be continued by the schools as a part of their curriculum and will be brought to more and more schools in the area, to educate as many people as possible!

Links and contact information

Download the full case study here.

For further information or help, please contact the Civil Contingencies Unit team on via email at ccu@staffordshire.gov.uk

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