The Economics of Low Carbon Cities: A Mini-Stern Review for Birmingham and the Wider Urban Region

Date of the report

March 2013

Author of the report

Centre for Low Carbon Futures

Purpose of the report

This report reviews the cost and carbon effectiveness of a wide range of low carbon options that could be applied at a local level in households, industry, commerce and transport to expand the low carbon economy. It then goes on to explore the scope for their deployment and the associated investment needs. The report addresses financial returns, carbon savings and implications for economy and employment of a variety of low-carbon measures.

Relevance to the region

The report focuses on the most effective and efficient ways to decarbonise Birmingham and the wider urban area, as represented by the Greater Birmingham and Solihull and Black Country Local Enterprise Partnerships.

What SWM liked

The report acknowledges that the high levels of risk and uncertainty associated with low carbon options can be a barrier to action. As a solution the report provides a basis of reliable information which allows for a case for investment to be brought forward.

Links and contact information

For more information on this report, visit the Centre for Low Carbon Futures website.


The Economics of Low Carbon Cities (pdf)