An independent National Adaptation Programme for England

Date of report

March 2013

Author of report

Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

Purpose of report

This policy brief contributes to the National Adaptation Programme by offering an analytical framework and formulating a rational basis for thinking about adaptation. It identifies main climate vulnerabilities in the UK at present, discusses adaptation priorities, and reviews the role of government and policy in adaptation. The report concludes with an illustrative set of actions for the government to take forward into the National Adaptation Programme.

Relevance to region

West Midland’s businesses, homes, infrastructure and agricultural land have been affected by severe weather events, as a result of the changing climate. This report outlines some key actions for policy makers to take forward in ensuring a strategic and co-ordinated approach to adaptation.

What SWM liked

The endpoint of this report is clear and succinct, providing a list of well reasoned priorities for government, with suggested examples of action, and desired outcomes.

Links and contact information

For more information visit the London School of Economics website.


Independent National Adaptation Programme for England (pdf)

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