University of Birmingham Waste Benchmark Review

Lead Organisation

University of Birmingham

Partner: i-Clean


The University of Birmingham and i-Clean worked together to address issues to improve the  sustainability of the campus and minimise the impact that the University has on their local community. During the project, i-Clean conducted a benchmark review involving site visits to review bin configurations, collection processes and scheduling of all waste streams, including an inspection of bins to understand which materials were being removed from site.

The aims of the action plan were as follows:

  • To identify further areas for improvement in the University of Birmingham’s’ award winning joint recycling scheme.
  • To add value to the University of Birmingham’s’ forthcoming projects.

 Results and achievements

  • Strategies, recommendations and a vision for the future were included in an output report on all processes across the University associated with recycling and waste.
  • Trials on food waste generated by accommodation areas to an AD solution are soon to commence.
  • Trials are about to commence for a ‘clear bag policy’ which has the potential to increase recycling by a further 20%.

Links and contact information

Download the I clean case study

For further information or help, please contact the i-Clean team on 01684 580 680 or