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Plant Carbon

Plant Carbon is a pioneering sustainability-focused company dedicated to revolutionizing the construction and lifestyle sectors, with carbon-negative products.
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At the heart of their innovation is biochar, a stable form of carbon created from organic waste materials. By incorporating biochar into the manufacturing process, they produce a range of products, including building bricks, office desks, and plant pots, that lock in carbon, effectively reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Plant Carbon have pioneered the creation of carbon-negative concrete products by integrating biochar sourced from organic waste. Their unique approach not only embodies innovative circular economy practices but also propels the carbon capture technology forward. This innovation translates to an immediate and practical reduction in net carbon emissions, meeting the urgent demand for tangible climate action within the construction sector.

On their membership with SWM, they say:

“By joining the SWM network, Plant Carbon will contribute to the vibrant eco-system of sustainability-focused businesses and share our innovative approach to carbon-negative construction materials, with like-minded entities.

Our membership with SWM will provide a strategic platform to disseminate knowledge about biochar’s potential in carbon sequestration, inspire collaborative projects, and set a precedent for ecological manufacturing. In turn, we look to leverage SWM’s collective expertise to refine our practices, scale our impact, and form synergies with fellow members who can benefit from or contribute to our mission.”

Our primary contact is Ken Cigdem, Founder and Director.