SustainIQ is a software company that helps companies to measure, monitor and report on their sustainability across four key pillars: Responsible Procurement, Environmental Management, People, Health & Diversity and Community Engagement & Partnering. Simple to use, updated in real-time, fully integrated reporting at the touch of a button.

SustainIQ can help companies committed to demonstrating and improving their sustainability by facilitating the gathering, processing and presentation of intelligent data to create infographics, inform Board reports, demonstrate progress to customers and more. Ultimately, our unique platform helps companies see where they are and show where they are going on sustainability is something that’s fully aligned with Sustainability West Midlands and a key reason for us joining. We’re currently live on over 700 sites across the UK and Ireland, including a number in the West Midlands. Many of our clients are from the construction, transport and FMCG sectors, but we can work with any sector and are keen to widen our reach to help companies across all industries meet their sustainability targets.

For those committed to Sustainability West Midlands Roadmap to 2030, measuring what you’re doing and reporting on your progress is key to engaging stakeholders, and ultimately achieving your targets. Joining this network and linking with other like-minded companies where we can help achieve progress towards Net-Zero is good for us, good for the West Midlands and ultimately good for the planet.

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