Benefits of green infrastructure: Report to Defra and CLG

Date of the report

October 2010

Author of the report

Forestry Commission

Purpose of the report

Today’s urban policy must meet economic, social and environmental needs. From the perspective of green infrastructure, this report aims to explore how these policy objectives can be supported. It reviews the evidence on the benefits of green infrastructure, based on evaluation of scientific and other related literature. Each main chapter provides an introduction, critical review of the evidence, identification of potentially useful toolkits and knowledge gaps, and case studies.

Relevance to the region

As an urban area, the West Midlands region will benefit from understanding the social, economic and environmental needs of urban policy, helping decision makers move towards the use of green infrastructure.

What SWM liked

This report provides an in-depth overview of the different types of green infrastructure ecosystem services, allowing the West Midlands to plan its infrastructure to meet specific regional needs. Green infrastructure is a growing area and promoting the broad range of benefits it provides will help decision makers decide which strategies to incorporate into their infrastructure planning.

Links and Contact information

For further information, visit the Forestry Commission website.


Benefits of green infrastructure, 2010 (PDF)

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