Health Effects of Climate Change in the West Midlands

Date of the report

March 2010

Author of the report

This project was funded by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) as part of the Regional Climate Change Partnerships (RCCP) programme.

Purpose of the report

Between October 2009 and March 2010 a Defra funded report was put together with the intent on providing in depth information of the extent of climate change in the West Midlands and the effects that climate change could have on the Region’s health up until the 2080s.

Relevance to the region

Climate change is capable of influencing the health of the population in many different ways. This report is specific to the West Midlands and includes an investigation into:

  • The direct effects of temperature on health
  • Climate change, air pollution, respiratory diseases and allergens
  • Climate change, food, water and vector borne diseases
  • Climate change, indoor environments and health
  • Climate change, ultra-violet radiation and health
  • Impacts of extreme weather events on health
  • Climate change and health inequalities
  • Recommendations for adaptation strategies


What SWM liked

We like that the summary report is written in non-technical language and the information is presentation very clearly. This is an important report as it could lead to the development of preventative measures against the health problems which could be made more prevalent due to climate change. The technical report contains a helpful glossary of terms.

Links and Contact information

For further information please visit the West Midlands Public Health Observatory website.


Health Effects of Climate Change in the West Midlands: Summary Report (pdf)

Contact to access the full Technical Report

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