SWM Health Networks – Sustainability and Mental Health Conference -12/10/16

Date of presentations

12 October 2016


John Middleton (WMSAPH Chair) Neil Deuchar (Egalitarian CIC) Julia Crear and Sallie Butt (Living Streets) Caroline Hutton (Martineau Gardens) Thomas Waite (Public Health England) Antony Cobley (University Hospitals Birmingham) Chris Blythe (The Conservation Volunteers) Neil Cross (Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust)

Purpose of the presentations

Public health, NHS and sustainability practitioners were invited to an event, hosted and supported by Public Health England:

  1. To understand how the sustainability and mental health agendas overlap.
  2. To hear from case studies that contribute to both sustainability and mental healthcare goals.
  3. To network with people from different backgrounds covering both sustainability and mental healthcare practitioners.

Delegates heard from a range of speakers who provided a mix of inspiring and practical solutions to help mental health care patients in their recovery, whilst contributing positively to environmental sustainability.

Links and Contact Information

For more information or to join one of our networks, contact enquiries@swm.org.uk or call 0121 237 5890.


100% of delegates thought the event was organised and contained content to a good or excellent standard, and 98% of delegates thought that each of the three aims were met to a good or excellent standard. “Great opportunity for local and national connectivity. The event put lots of food for thought into my head. Well done and thank you!” “This was a fantastic introduction to a completely new area of practice/thinking for me. A great forum for sharing.”


SWM introductionLiving Streets

 – walking and mental health Living Streets accompanying report Martineau Gardens video – therapeutic horticulture Public Health England – extreme weather and mental health University Hospitals Birmingham and The Conservation Volunteers – community orchard BSMHFT – Good practice sustainability in a Mental Health Trust Notes from the workshop discussion – actions delegates will take after the event!

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