Innovative Zero Carbon Working Group – 14/9/21


Pam Waddell OBE (Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands) Steve Bowyer (WMCA) Alan Carr (SWM) Jenni McDonnell (KTN)

Purpose of the presentations

Sustainability West Midlands in partnership with the Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands convenes the Innovative Zero Carbon Working Group (IZCWG) and its associated quarterly meetings, where a cross-sector of stakeholders come together to share good practice and build collaborative opportunities around low carbon innovation. It focuses on themes not limited to three of the four market driven strengths of the West Midlands as identified by the 2017 WM Science and Innovation Audit: next generation transport, energy systems and storage and sustainable construction.

Links and Contact Information

For more information or to join the long-standing IZCWG, contact


West Midlands and COP26

 (Steve Bowyer) SWM 2030 Roadmap monitoring findings (Alan Carr) Current funding opportunities (Jenni McDonnell) Elsewhere in the Innovation Alliance (Pam Waddell) Meeting actions and Zoom chat highlights

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